Levenant is a
multidisciplinary team of designers and web developers in Valencia,

Web design, graphic design, and brand identity studio


Levenant is a Spanish graphic design studio offering professional services specializing in the creation of branding and identity, logo design, graphic design, and additional creative design services.

We are graphic designers with years of experience specializing in the custom design of logos and related branding services.

If you care about your brand, you deserve a logo that transmits the values of your product or service. Together we’ll delve into a process of analysis to determine a design that achieves these objectives.

Each project is a unique challenge, and as designers, we know that the time we dedicate to each one is worth the final outcome.


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Levenant develops custom and complex web projects. We create applications based on concrete needs to provide online solutions.

We have years of experience building and maintaining high profile content and e-commerce websites in the most popular CMS, WordPress.

In Levenant we undergo a set of initial technical and creative processes to understand and assess the principal needs of the project. We structure the information and construct a visual prototype or wireframe as a first point of validation for the client.

Web development in PHP, especially in WordPress, is our best feature. We have great experience in JavaScript, PHP, HTML 5 and CSS3 and we have several large-scale projects under our belt to substantiate our experience.

We are experts and specialists in WordPress. We maintain our custom themes and plugins and expand them with new customized features.

We develop complex platforms in PHP and improve their interaction with JavaScript. We also develop new apps for WordPress.

We offer technical and professional services in English and Spanish. We give tech support and professional advisory support to all our clients.


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Our clients, featured by the complexity of the project, magnitude of work, and novelty of solutions


We create opportunities to collaborate with professionals in graphic design, as experts in the design of logotypes, and we have the pieces to substantiate our work.

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Levenant, the web design studio in Valencia

Levenant is a modest Valencian studio with a close-knit technical and professional team.

We started in 2013 known as Ovejabeja and from that moment we have been transforming ourselves to give complete solutions. We are believers in digitalization and creativity, but above all, personal contact.

Levenant makes reference to our land, where we are from, la terreta as we say in Valencia. The Levant is part of our mediterranean culture and it is easily pronounceable in other languages apart from Spanish.

Even though we are a Spanish design studio and our first language is Spanish, we also provide services to English-speaking enterprises and other businesses located in Spain and Europe.

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