Prices for graphic design, logo design, and brand identity work


Here are our prices for graphic design work updated for 2022. Prices for logo design work are available under three kinds of package rates. We invite you to explore the different kinds of work we offer that best fits your needs in the table below.

Our graphic design rates have been established with a price-quality relationship in mind to make the most of our services. We believe that personalized service matters, and that’s the level of service we give. We are also very flexible when it comes to projects. Our clients can tell the difference and that makes us more valued every day.

Logo Design Rates 2022

Logo design


650 €

More info

> An initial proposal.

> A proposal revision.

> File format delivered: .ai, .pdf, .jpg y .png.

> Files delivered by email.

Ideal for clients who have their logo established but need it to be digitized.

Logo design


840 €

More info

> Initial briefing.

> 3 initial proposals.

> Two revisions during the process.

> Responsive logo, or variants.

> Delivery of 1 logo + variant(s).

> 1 basic brandbook (PDF) max. 6 pages.

Ideal for clients who have a general idea who would benefit from a standard creative process and do not need additional corporate elements.

Logo design



1.200 €

More info

> Client meeting with prerequisites

> Initial briefing + previous study.

> Analysis of competitors and chromatic analysis.

> Presentation of 4-5 initial proposals.

> Up to 3 revisions during the process.

> Responsive logo with variants.

> Delivery of final artwork, 1 logo + variants.

> 1 complete PDF Brandbook.

> Basic stationery design.

> Corporate decorative elements.

This is the perfect solution for those logo projects which require a more complete and in-depth analysis, including proposals and revisions, not to mention the additional corporate elements which are important.

Graphic Design Rates 2022

Basic Brandbook 250 €
Naming 640 €
Stationery 450 €
Brand redesign 840 €
Color study 250 €
Analysis of competitors 150 €
Poster design 250 €
Flyer design 120 €
Diptych design 150 €
Triptych design 250 €
Editorial catalog design 45 € /pg
Product catalog design (36 págs.) 1.620 €
Beverage label design 550 €
Commercial bag design 220 €
Packaging design From 550 €
Format adaptation From 150 €
Container design 1.200 €
Digital illustration for packaging From 550 €

For any questions about design services not appearing in the list, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. The prices are updated as of January 1, 2022.

These prices are indicative and are for single orders. They are not related to prices in customized PACKs. All prices do NOT include VAT.

Valuing our work is essential. Thanks to your brand, people will recognize you, remember you, and choose you. Therefore, providing the right image is essential for your company to stand out from the rest.

We have different logo design packs available with updated pricing. We are ready to adjust to fit the needs of each client and each project.

We have the experience, the attitude, and the results speak for themselves…

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