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For creative and original work, we are the best option for logo design. We are the best choice when it comes to creating an image for a start-up, whether you’ve just opened your doors or are rebranding a company with years of experience.


A logotype is a unique graphic representation of each brand’s identity. The logo design is a new customer’s first impression of what represents and defines a company in a simple and effective way. Once your clients recognize that image, the company has created a brand.

At Levenant, we create logos that are personalized, original, creative, different, easily memorable, practical and simple for companies and entrepreneurs. Our design process begins with an analysis of the client or company. We internalize the profile of the target audience, and we study the competition. We create a goal and begin the creative process with a line set toward the finished product.

Valuing your brand is the value of our work

As a design agency, we believe that creativity is our way of life and as such, creative design is the essence of our projects.

At Levenant we offer professional and quality solutions available to everyone, providing a totally personalized attention. We attend to the needs of each client advising you to offer you the creative solution in logo design that best suits your project.

Our design studio guarantees that you will be happy with the result of your logo design. In addition to creating the logo for the brand, we work alongside you to provide a comprehensive global and visual brand identity.

Valuing our work is essential. Thanks to your brand, people will recognize you, remember you, and choose you. Therefore, providing the right image is essential for your company to stand out from the rest.

We have different logo design packs available with updated pricing. We are ready to adjust to fit the needs of each client and each project.

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